Free White Book Mockup (With Different Angles)

Free White Book Mockup

The common clich√© goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the truth of the book market is that the vast majority of readers do consider the cover of a book as a deciding factor in not just whether or not they should buy the book, but also whether or not they would enjoy it.

Professional designers enter the picture at this point. Look no further if you’re a designer trying to exhibit your book cover designs in an appealing and eye-catching manner.

Preview of the free white book mockup with different angles of it.

Our today’s featured resource is a collection of PSD mockups showcasing a hardback book on a clean, white surface, brought to you by Amazing Mockups. A little indoor plant has been placed in the backdrop to offer a splash of color. You can easily use smart objects to put your book cover designs into the mockups, which will allow you to present your design from all angles and views. This fantastic resource is completely free, and there’s no reason why any of you print designers shouldn’t take advantage of it!

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